What's with the "s p f l d" anyway?

Well, when I went to register my own domain, I wanted springfield.com (I've lived in Springfield, New Jersey all my life). But that was already taken, so I had to choose something else. Not being overly creative, I pondered the question for a while, and settled on "spfld" which is one of the more common abbreviations for Springfield.

You may wonder who got the name I wanted. It turns out that the Simpsons' TV show registered the name (or their ad agency did) for use in promoting their "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" episode. Given that coincidence, you may be thinking "Apu. Springfield. Simpsons. Hmm..." Yes, my name is Apu. Yes, I live in Springfield. Yes, I have a cousin named Sanjay. But, no, I don't have anything do with the TV show, don't work in a Kwik-E-Mart (though our town does have a Speedymart, formerly Quick-Check) and I've never met Matt Groening or anybody associated with the show.

(Yes, I do watch the show.)

Update: Are we the Springfield?

Fast forward... Its now 2007 - ten years since I created the website. (Can't you tell the design hasn't changed? There's some new content, but mostly I use the domain for tons of e-mail and other purposes.) The new, full-length Simpsons animated movie will hit theaters on July 27th. But, it will premiere on July 26th. Where you ask? In Springfield, of course. But which one? The Simpsons Archive found 71 Springfields in 36 states. New Jersey even has two. But none match the storyline exactly.

20th Century Fox has selected fourteen of the Springfields to compete. Each town will make a short movie. Then, online voters will select the Springfield to host the premiere.

"Thank you. Come Again." - Apu

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"Thank you. Come again."

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