The disclaimer...
This is my new website. It will develop slowly over time as I decide what I want to reuse from my old site, and what I want to replace. For now, you can wonder and return later, or contact me with your suggestions--it's your choice. In the meantime, if you want to keep me from working on the site, you can hire me to do computer work. As my business cards say, I offer

Computer Services for the
Individual, Family, School & Small Business
Personal Computer, Server & Network

I'm also the Chief Operating Officer of my own company, NOC Services Corp., where we do computer consulting (same as described above) plus host Internet servers and manage networks for clients around the world.

Attention "Pingry People"...
Be sure to continue on to my Pingry People site, the database of the Pingry community online. Add yourself, search for your friends and spread the word.

Questions & Answers...
What's with the "s p f l d" anyway?
Are we the Springfield?
Who am I? My education and activities explain.
Where is Springfield (NJ) Volunteer First Aid Squad website?
Where can I find a volunteer EMS agency in my town? VolunteerEMS.org

Online utilities
IP address, NSlookup, Ping, Traceroute and WhoIs

At this point, I'm going to end work for the day. It's 03:23 right now (you're free to speculate as to the day and date), and while it's still early, if I don't go to sleep now, I won't be awake enough to drive in the unhealthy 9 AM air.

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